Which Waterfalls can you take your dog to in Tasmania?

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Which Waterfalls can you take your dog to in Tasmania?

By Craig Doumouras

Published on 6 Jul 2020

Do you need a list of waterfalls you can take your dog to? Well, we've got one!  But first, lets get a few things sorted:

Dogs must be on a leash

No matter how wonderful or how good you think your dog is, there's a few reasons your dog should be on a leash.  Firstly, for other people walking to waterfalls, it helps them feel safe. This is especially true for small children. Secondly, dogs will instinctively run after things that move, like wildlife.  The natural environment deserves to be protected.

Not all public places are permitted for dogs

In fact, most of Tasmania cannot be visited with a dog. As a dog owner, you will need to check if you really can take your dog to a waterfall you're planning to visit. Seeking help from our Facebook Group is a great place to start. The list below may be incomplete, so please let us know if you know a waterfall is dog friendly, and provide proof, and we will add it to the list!

Check the signage

Many hiking areas, tracks, and natural places like waterfalls will have signage that provide information about whether dogs are allowed. Before entering any area with your dog, please check that your dog is welcome.

Signage at a waterfall


Waterfalls the dogs can love!

Waterfall Town Notes
Echo Falls St Helens  
Ironbark Falls St Helens  
Ferntree Falls St Helens  
Guide Falls Ridgley  
Lost Falls Lake Leake  
Montezuma Falls Williamsford (near Rosebery)  
Snug Falls Snug  
Hogarth Falls Strahan  
Evercreech Falls Mathinna  
Marriotts Falls Tyenna  
Pelverata Falls Pelverata  
Old House Creek Falls Lake Rowallan Only from the West Rowallan Track (4WD Track)