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Fords are the way to go!

On top of Ben Lomond in Northern Tasmania is a river called Ford River, and there happens to be a waterfall or two up there! It was time to investigate.

Historic photos of Stephen Spurling III

Stephen Spurling III (1876–1962) was a landscape photographer and explorer famous for photographing landscapes around Cradle Mountain and the Great Western Tiers. More information about Stephen Spurling III can be found on a literary piece composed by Wendy Rimon.

Historic photos by Jack Thwaites

Jack Thwaites is one of Tasmania's early pioneers and conservationist. Born in 1902 in Kendal, England, Jack relocated to Tasmania as an 11 year old. He was a member of the Hobart Walking Club from 1929 until his death, 1986

Sharpes Falls and the skeletons of the past!

Finding Evercreech Rivulet Falls

Finding the unnamed waterfall on Evercreech Rivulet

Which Waterfalls can you take your dog to in Tasmania?

Benro FH100M2 Filter Holder review for Waterfall photography

Photographing waterfalls is addictive, and we show you how to take beautiful photos of them using the new filter system from Benro with thanks to the team at Maxxum Australia.

No Drone Zones in Tasmania

Did you know that nearly 50% of the land mass of Tasmania is a 'No Drone Zone'? We uncover the regions and the waterfalls that drone usage is not permitted.

Photographing Waterfalls

Have you ever seen that magnificent photo of a waterfall and wondered how it was done? Why is it that when you take a photo it never looks like one of those magnificent photos? In this guide, we explain the ideologies, misconceptions, and techniques required to help take a memorable waterfall photo.

5 tips for photographing waterfalls

Waterfalls are stunning!  There's no question that most people, when visiting a waterfall, will take a photo of it.  But how do you take a GOOD photo of one?

Tasmap Problems

Inconsistencies with different editions of the 1:100000 series of Tasmania Topographic Maps, produced by Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water & Environment causes confusion for waterfall chasers.

The Curious Case of Private Properties

What information should be available with regards to waterfalls situated on private properties in Tasmania? We examine both sides of the argument.

Need a GPS? Use your smart phone

Do you love hiking in the wilderness but cannot afford a GPS? Thanks to mobile app developers, you can use your smart phone as a GPS solution!

Facebook and Instagram Group Rules

When joining our facebook community there are rules and conditions that must be observed by everyone.

10 Children Friendly Waterfalls to visit in Tasmania

Tasmania's amazing waterfalls are growing in popularity for families and visitors alike. If you're keen to take young children to a waterfall, you're in luck!

The Ultimate Waterfall Road Trips in Tasmania - Launceston

Discover multiple waterfalls in a single day's road trip from Tasmania's second largest city, Launceston.

The Ultimate Waterfall Road Trips in Tasmania - Hobart

Enjoy a road trip from Hobart visiting various waterfalls within one day! We list a few road trips for you and the entire family to enjoy.

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The official Waterfalls of Tasmania book

Containing over 30 hikes visiting 55 waterfalls, the Waterfalls of Tasmania - Day Trips to Waterfalls is your guide for visiting some of Tasmania's idyllic waterfalls.

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We have collated the most comprehensive information of Tasmania's waterfalls.

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The Ultimate Road Trips series

Our ultimate waterfall road trips are designed for you to experience some of the best places to visit from the cities in Tasmania, all with an emphasis of visiting waterfalls.

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Historic Photos

Discover historic photographs from pioneers that explored and found many of the waterfalls we love.

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