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10 Children Friendly Waterfalls to visit in Tasmania

By Craig Doumoruas

Published on 19 Jan 2017

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So, you want to take your children to a waterfall in Tasmania? You're in luck! Tasmanians have long enjoyed terrific waterfalls, some of which are ideal places for the entire family to visit. As every parent knows, children (especially young children) have very special requirements. So we have put together a list of 'Kiddie Friendly' places to visit that have waterfalls.

So what's our Kiddie Friendly criteria?

We understand not every destination is suitable for every child, and care should be taken by a parent or guardian to ensure the waterfalls listed are suitable.  However, we believe the waterfalls in our list are kiddie friendly because they consist of one or more of the following categories:

  • A short walking distance
    And by short, we mean no more than one hour walking time in total! That's walking to the waterfall, and back again!
  • A viewing platform
    An area where children can safely view the waterfall if the lookout is not on ground level.
  • Facilities close by
    If the waterfall has toilets, barbeques or cafés nearby, then it was eligible for the list.


At all times, children must be supervised when visiting waterfalls in Tasmania. No matter how good the access is, Tasmania's wilderness can be treacherous for children.

Russell Falls
Where: Mt. Field National Park (near Westerway)
Walking Distance: 40 minutes return
Viewing platform Yes
Facilities: Café and toilets at information Centre
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Mt. Field National Park is a gem of a place suitable for the entire family with superb facilities including a gift shop, café and toilets. There is also plenty of parking not just for cars but for campervans as well. The National Park is home to 3 waterfalls, and Russell Falls is first of the 3 waterfalls you will see when venturing through the region. The tracks and paths are extremely well maintained. The walk to all 3 waterfalls will take a few hours to complete, but if you just want to visit Russell Falls, 40 minutes is all you will need. Highly recommended.

Silver Falls
Where: Hobart - Mt. Wellington (Ferntree)
Walking Distance: 30 minutes return
Viewing platform Yes
Facilities: Shops near by and toilet blocks.
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On the foothills of Mt Wellington, and a short drive from the CBD of Hobart is Silver Falls. This delightful waterfall is easily accessible from numerous established tracks and is an ideal location to show children a touch of wilderness within a short drive from Hobart's city centre. The tracks lead you through stunning (and various types) of forest with a couple of picturesque creeks to see on your way. And if seeing Silver Falls is not enough, there are plenty of wilderness attractions to see further up Mt. Wellington!

Dip Falls
Where: 40km's south-east of Stanley, North West Tasmania
Walking Distance: 20 minutes return
Viewing platform Yes
Facilities:  Toilet Blocks
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Tasmania's far north-west has amazing waterfalls, and the spectacular Dip Falls is fabulous to show off to children. Boasting not one, but two viewing platforms, plus other areas to view the waterfall from different tiers, Dip Falls is worth considering if you're travelling through the north west corner of Tasmania. However, care will need to be taken when escorting younger children due to a steep staircase that goes to the bottom of the waterfall. However, access to the top lookout is incredibly easy for children.

Lilydale Falls
Where: Lilydale (Near Launceston)
Walking Distance: 30 minutes return
Viewing platform Yes
Facilities: toilet blocks, playground, barbeques and camping areas
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Just a short 25 minute drive from Tasmania's 2nd largest city Launceston, Lilydale Falls is not one, but two waterfalls that can be reached with a short walk. The waterfalls are situated in a reserve with fantastic camping and campervan facilities, and is a great spot to take kids for the day. With nearby adventure activities from Hollybank Treetops Adventure, an entire day can be spent experiencing Northern Tasmania's scenic forests.

Guide Falls
Where: Ridgley (near Burnie)
Walking Distance: 10 minutes return
Viewing platform Yes
Facilities: Camping grounds, toilet blocks, and barbeques
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The north-west region of Tasmania is one of the finest areas for avid waterfall explorers, and Guide Falls is not only one of the best waterfalls to see, it is quite possibly the easiest to get to! With one of the shortest walks from the car, a few minutes will have you and your children viewing Guide Falls from a very safe lookout!

Guide Falls
Where: Preston (approx 20kms south of Ulverstone)
Walking Distance: 10 minutes return
Viewing platform Yes
Facilities: none
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Delaneys Falls is so easy to get to you will wish you had taken your children there many times before! This waterfall is a medium sized waterfall that plunges over a cliff, and from the lookout, you see a side on view of the waterfall from above. The walk is incredibly easy, and with ample carparking on the side of the road, it's one not to miss! But be warned, it is incorrectly signposted as 'Preston Falls'!

Knyvet Falls
Where: Cradle Mountain
Walking Distance: 30 minutes return
Viewing platform Yes
Facilities: Interpretation Centre, hotels and restaurants near by.
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Cradle Mountain is Tasmania's premier destination for tourists boasting spectacular alpine mountains and panoramic views. But the region is home to numerous waterfalls and Knyvet Falls is one worth checking out. In fact, you can also see Pencil Pine Falls along the same track! With so many other attractions to see at Cradle Mountain, this is a destination children will love!

St. Columba Falls
Where: Pyengana (near St. Helens)
Walking Distance: 40 minutes return
Viewing platform Yes
Facilities: excellent car parking, toilets
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It's one of the largest waterfalls in Tasmania, and with a magnificent track that leads to a viewing platform to see the waterfall, it is very child friendly! Kids will love the rain forest walk. And if you need more incentive to visit St Columba Falls, there is also the the fabulous Pyengana Dairy Company, and the Holy Cow Café near by!

Waratah Falls
Where: Waratah
Walking Distance: 5 minutes
Viewing platform No
Facilities: Town centre
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The small town of Waratah in Tasmania's west proudly boasts Waratah Falls right in the centre of the settlement! Waratah Falls can easily be seen from many different vantage points from the side of the main road. The town has all facilities suitable for children including playgrounds, small museums and dining facilities!

Liffey Falls
Where: Liffey
Walking Distance: 50 minutes return
Viewing platform Yes
Facilities: excellent car parking, toilets and barbeques
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Liffey Falls is a collection of waterfalls and cascades in central Tasmania, and this well established bush walk is a popular destination for tourists and locals. With adequate parking, toilets and barbeque areas, as well as excellent walking tracks and viewing areas, Liffey Falls is a pleasant place for the entire family to visit.

Please Note

As with all waterfalls, please refer to the Parks and Wildlife website for any closures to this region.

More child friendly waterfalls

Updated 6 May 2018

So, our community of waterfall enthusiasts on our facebook page has rightly pointed out there are other excellent waterfalls that should be included in this list! Here they are:

Where: Near Queenstown
Walking Distance: 40 minutes return
Viewing platform Yes
Facilities: excellent car parking, toilets
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Approximately 30kms from Queenstown is Nelson Falls, a stunning and popular waterfall encased within a beautiful and thick rainforest. Boasting ample parking for many vehicles including areas for large vehicles such as buses, the short 20 minute walk along an excellent walking path will have you falling in love with one of Tasmania's most beautiful waterfalls

Where: Queenstown
Walking Distance: 40 minutes return
Viewing platform Yes
Facilities: excellent car parking. Short drive to Queenstown
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Located just a few km's outside of Queenstown, Horsetail Falls is a large waterfall that springs to life in the cooler months. Easily seen from the highway, there is now a wonderful walking platform that gives you a closer look at the waterfall.

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