The Ultimate Waterfall Road Trips in Tasmania - Launceston

By Craig Doumoruas

Published on 10 Dec 2017

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In our previous article we looked at the ultimate waterfall road trips from Hobart. This time our focus is firmly on Tasmania's second largest city, Launceston. Now, Launceston itself doesn't have many waterfalls at all. In fact, only two waterfalls are recognised within the greater Launceston region. One of those waterfalls is 'Punchbowl Falls'. Situated in the Punchbowl Reserve in the suburb of Kings Meadows, it's a waterfall that only really flows after consistant rain. You can read more about Punchbowl Falls here.

Yet, some of Tasmania's best waterfalls are within an hour's drive of Launceston, some within 2 hours, and here we will show you the best you can see when driving east from Launceston towards Tasmania's fabulous east coast!

City of Launceston

Launceston at dusk. photo credit: Tourism Tasmania & Rob Burnett

So here is Part 2 of our Ultimate Waterfall Road Trips and our focus is day trips from Tasmania's second largest city, Launceston.

road trip no. 1
Launceston to Ringarooma

No. of Waterfalls 2
Driving Time
(one way)
2 hours (one way)
Hiking Time 1.5 hours

1st Destination: Lilydale Falls

Golconda Road, Lilydale

Lilydale Falls

Lilydale Falls

A short 25 minute frive from the Launceston is Lilydale, a small community with the wonderful Lilydale Falls Reserve. The Reserve is a magnificent location for a picnic with barbeque facilities, grassed areas and picnic benches available. It is also suitable for campervans and pets, provided they are on a leash!.

There are two waterfalls at Lilydale Falls that can be seen. From the carpark, the first waterfall (pictured here) will take about 10 minutes to reach. The 2nd waterfall is only a few more minutes upstream. Having an excellent track, and terrific lookout areas, this is a great destination to suitable for the entire family.

Find out about Lilydale Falls

2nd Destination: Ralphs Falls

Mount Victoria Road, Mount Victoria Forest Reserve

Ralphs Falls

Ralphs Falls

Ralphs Falls is one of those waterfalls that is best viewed in the winter and spring periods. It is Tasmania's largest single drop waterfall, plunging nearly 100 metres over a cliff to a gorge below! However, a trip to Ralphs Falls has a lot more to offer than just a view of the waterfall. The wonderful Cashs Gorge Circuit is a gentle loop walk with spectacular views of Cashs Gorge. It loops though pretty sub-alpine forest with viewing platforms overlooking the Gorge and at the waterfall. The short 4km 1 hour walk is so good in fact, it is officially one of Tasmania's 60 Great Short Walks!

Find out about Ralphs Falls

road trip no. 2
Launceston to Pyengana

No. of Waterfalls 2
Driving Time
(one way)
2 hours
Hiking Time 2.5 hours

1st Destination: St Columba Falls

St Columba Falls Road, Pyengana

St. Columba Falls

St. Columba Falls & lookout

The east coast of Tasmania is well worth a visit and if you're planning a get away to St. Helens or Binalong Bay, there's two waterfalls nearby worth exploring. St. Columba Falls is a large waterfall in Pyengana, a short 30kms from St. Helens. A short, casual 30 minute walk from the carpark through the forest will take you to the viewing platform of St. Columba Falls. With an excellet track that is suitable for all members of the family (except pets), there is really no reason to bypass this great Tasmanian gem!

Find out about St. Columba Falls

2nd Destination: Halls Falls

Anchor Road, Pyengana

Arve Falls

Halls Falls

A short drive from St. Columba Falls towards St. Helens is Halls Falls. This small but lovely waterfall is embedded within an intimate patch of forest along the Groom River. The region is rich with post European settlement history and the walk to Halls Falls and to a weir further upstream will pass artefacts from a time when tin mining and timber saw milling was prime activity.

Find out about Halls Falls

road trip no. 3
Launceston to Mathinna

No. of Waterfalls 2
Driving Time
(one way)
2.5 hours
Hiking Time 2 hours

1st Destination: Mathinna Falls

Mathinna Falls Road, Mathinna

Mathinna Falls

Mathinna Falls

It's a bit of an adventure to get to Mathinna Falls from Launceston! As you drive past the Ben Lomond National Park turnoff, soon after you will be driving through the mountains along gravel roads. The mountain views are tremendous, making this a very scenic road trip.

Mathinna Falls is a pretty waterfall, and is a short walk from the carpark. The walking track isn't great though, so ensure you keep a very close eye on children should you visit Mathinna Falls

Find out about Mathinna Falls

2nd Destination: Evercreech Falls

Egans Road, Mathinna

Evercreech Falls

Evercreech Falls

The Evercreech Forest Reserve is a sensational place for a picnic, with barbeque and bench areas suitable for large groups of visitors. There are two loop walks in the reserve, one being 'The White Knights' walk that showcases huge white gum trees that tower over 90 metres from the ground.

The second loop walk that can be taken is the Evercreech Falls walk, a track that takes you through a dry forest on one side of Evercreech Rivulet and a rainforest on the other.

Find out about Lilydale Falls

More Information

These are just three out of many day trips that can be planned for visiting multiple waterfalls in a single day. As a resource, our Waterfall Map page shows many locations of Tasmania's waterfalls, with many of those waterfalls documented right here on this website.

There is also the Waterfalls of Tasmania Facebook Group you can join to learn more about Tasmania's waterfalls. Boasting a membership of over 7,000, the Facebook Group is a great resource that compliments this website.

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