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By Craig Doumoruas

Published on 4 Jan 2018

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General News

Our Facebook Group is a large community with over 8,000 members. Due to the sheer number of active members it is a requirement that all members understand the rules for our group and what behaviour is acceptable. The rules for the group are also found on the 'Pinned Post' of the group.


Welcome to Waterfalls of Tasmania.

We love Tasmanian waterfalls and in this group we encourage people to share their experiences, photographs, videos or memories of waterfalls they've visited here in Tasmania. We encourage everyone to help each other to safely visit waterfalls across Tasmania.

Not all waterfalls in Tasmania are accessible. Some waterfalls are situated on private property. Some waterfalls require days of hiking just to reach them. Some photos and videos posted in this group by people are waterfalls not accessible to the public. Please do not be offended if locations of waterfalls on private property are not given out by people.

====== INSTAGRAM ======

For your chance to be featured please follow @waterfalloftasmania and tag #waterfallsoftasmania, by tagging you give us permission to share/feature on our social media platforms but you retain ownership rights of your image.


====== WEBSITE ======

Thank you to everyone who has provided information, research, and photographs for waterfalls on our website.
We welcome contributors, and if you would like to help in documenting waterfalls, or providing information, please contact me. 
We're particularly interested in information about the history of waterfalls, how they were named, and any stories associated with them. We welcome corrections, additions, and ideas people have to improve on what we have.

Our aim is to provide a resource that is free for everyone to use, with the hope it becomes a valuable resource for individuals and groups to discover Tasmania in a unique and different way.


====== GROUP RULES ======

1. Be respectful and be polite. 
2. Ensure your posts are on topic. If a post is not related to a Tasmanian waterfall, it will be instantly deleted.
3. If any post is in the form of advertising, promoting something not directly related to Tasmanian waterfalls, or is a competition, the post will be instantly deleted and you will be removed from the group.
4. Do not post other people's photos, unless you have permission from the actual photographer and you credit the photographer in your post. You will be banned from the group if you post other people's photos without crediting them. 
5. Under no circumstances should other people's names, addresses and contact phone numbers be posted in this group.
6. Do not destroy the environment when visiting waterfalls. Do not litter, do not cut down ferns. Be respectful. Leave the environment in better condition when you visit a waterfall.
7. Love Tasmania, enjoy Tasmania.

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