Photography: © 2018 Caedence Kuepper

Hike and Waterfall Information

Land Tenure
GPS Coordinates-43.005417995324 , 146.652767734220
Road AccessGood unsealed road
Walking Distance7.2 kms return
Walking Time3 hours return
Grade of WalkEasy hike on road, then very steep descent to falls on unstable ground

About Weld Angel Falls

Weld Angel Falls (also known as Angel Falls, not to be confused with the waterfall below Mt Sarah Jane) is a gorgeous multi-tiered waterfall dropping about 30 metres over three distinct tiers. Of these, the lowest is the largest and most impressive at about 15 metres high, while the middle tier is the smallest, being only a five-metre drop. The falls are unofficially named after the so-called Weld Angel, a prominent protestor of the logging of the Weld Valley in the late 2000’s, however they are given no official name on maps. A key reason for this lack of documentation is that the waterfall was only recently discovered, as a result of logging operations that extended to a mere 100 metres away from the waterfall.


The walk to Weld Angel Falls begins at the same point as the Reuben Falls trail begins, and to begin the walk you must walk past a collapsed section of road caused by a failed culvert over Isabella Creek. From here, the walk follows the now-defunct South Weld Road, making a right turn to keep on this same road after 1.3km. The road now heads downhill, before coming to a dead end at a large logged clearing a kilometre later. It is not immediately clear where you should go from here, but if you head along the left side of the clearing you should soon come to a logging track. Turn left and follow this track to its end, where pink tapes mark the route into the rainforest. The easiest route takes you to the top of the falls, but to reach the base or middle of the waterfall some very steep scrambling over crumbly, slippery ground is required. Extreme care is required here, especially on the narrow rock benches that overlook the three tiers of the falls.


Driving directions

Take Edwards Road out of the Tahune Airwalk, continuing until you hit a “T” intersection with Southwood Road. Turn left here, cross the bridge over the Huon River, and take the first left turn after the bridge onto Eddy Road 1-2 kilometres later. Continue along this road, which becomes Fletchers Road after the Weld River Bridge, for about 10 kilometres, before turning right onto Southwood Road, following this road to its end and the start of the track. It has to be noted that there are many confusing junctions along the drive, so a GPS or at least a good map is necessary to avoid wrong turns. The total drive time from Tahune Airwalk is approximately 45 minutes. 

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