Wellington Falls

Mt. Wellington, HobartGPS Coords: -42.9224, 147.1856
Land Tenure: Wellington Park

Tasmap Reference: 5024 Longley

Wellington Falls
© 2015 - 2024 Photography: Craig Doumouras

Grade 4 Hike
Suitable for experienced hikers only.

12.2km's5 hours returnFormed track, some obstacles Sign posted

Formed earthen track, few obstacles. Generally a modified surface, sections may be hardened. Width: variable and less than 1200mm. Kept mostly clear.

Dogs are not allowed
Drones are not allowed
Unknown if accessible with a caravan
Unknown if accessible with a campervan or RV
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About Wellington Falls

Mt Wellington in Hobart is home to many waterfalls.  Wellington Falls is the most impressive.  This large waterfall drops over a sheer cliff face into a river that meanders through a gorge. This magnificent waterfall is worth visiting but be prepared for a moderately lengthy hike to it.

How to get to Wellington Falls

There's quite a few tracks on Mt Wellington that can be used to reach Wellington Falls. We opted to commence our hike from 'The Springs', an area on Pinnacle Road as you ascend Mt Wellington. At The Springs, you have ample car parking, toilets and BBQ areas. When we visited, there was also a food van as well. From there, you walk west up a set of steps that leads you to Grays Fire Trail. Signage will point you to the direction of Wellington Falls. The first part of your hike commences on Milles Track, an excellently maintained track that is incredibly easy to navigate. Along the edge of the track is a water race, and at times the track itself can be very muddy and slippery. Continue to walk along Milles track for approximately 3 kms, enjoying some of the panoramic views overlooking Hobart and the South Eastern coast. After a while, you will reach an intersection where another track branches off. At this juncture you will see a sign along one path that says 'Snake Plains Track', but that track should not be taken. The track to Wellington Falls is not signed, but carved writing in a log will direct you to follow 'Well Falls' track (Wellington Falls Track).

Wellington Falls Track is very rocky. In fact, most of the remainder of your walk to the falls is bouncing off one rock to another, requiring good balance and good dexterity. This track leads to the region known as the 'Potato Fields', a very large scree escarpment that rises up hill. It also passes the famous 'Disappearing Tarn', a tarn that is unique for the aqua coloured water, a colouring caused by the lichen on the rock scree. However it is rare the Tarn has water.

The Potato Fileds are well marked with markers that stick out of the rocks that clearly direct you. Follow the markers all the way into the tree line. At this point, the track begins to change from a heavily rocky outcrop to a muddy slippery track that must be carefully negotiated. The track will continue to wind around until you reach Wellington Falls. A small diversion track to a viewing platform is well signposted, and offers terrific views of Wellington Falls and the Gorge it drops into.

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