Upper Marriotts Falls

Tyenna, Tasmania

Upper Marriotts Falls
Upper Marriotts Falls
© 2015 - 2020 Photography: Craig Doumouras
  • public Land Tenure:
    State Reserve
  • timer 5.5 kms 3 Hours return
  • terrain image Recommended for very experienced bushwalkers with specialised skills such as navigation and emergency first aid.
  • directions_walk Rough unformed track.
    No Modification of the natural environment.
  • panorama_horizontal Limited signage.
    Track head signage & route markers
  • grade Experienced bushwalkers.
    Users require a moderate level of specialised skills such as navigation skills. Users may require maps and navigation equipment to successfully complete the track. users need to be self-reliant, particularly in regard to emergency first aid.
  • clear_all Occasional step.
  • file_download
    Download the GPX file for GPS devices.

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The often overlooked neighbour to Marriotts Falls, Upper Marriotts Falls is an impressive waterfall dropping about 30 metres, slightly taller than the lower falls. There was formerly a well used trail extending from Marriotts Falls to the upper falls, but this has not been maintained in decades and as a result has fallen into disrepair, and would now be all but invisible if not for marker tapes guiding you in the right direction. 

To reach Upper Marriotts Falls, head uphill to the left just before the log crossing at the base of Marriotts Falls. There are a few makeshift footholds in the muddy slope, but for the most part it is a steep, slippery and muddy ascent parallel to the lower falls. Once you reach the top, follow the trail of tapes running alongside the creek, sometimes quite close to the water and sometimes a fair ways up the banks. Even with the markers, the route is often very unclear, with numerous large trees over the old track, and it is very easy to get lost. If you do find yourself lost, just ensure you stay close to the creek and you should eventually pick up the trail again. 

As the track approaches the falls, it nears the creek again and heads across it a couple of times on makeshift log bridges. The route then passes a few pretty cascades in the creek, before suddenly coming out at the base of the impressive waterfall after a hike of about 800 metres upstream from the lower Marriotts Falls. 

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