Photography: © 2018 Craig Doumouras

About Upper Liffey Falls

Approximately 6 km's from Liffey Falls Reserve, and approximately 1 km from Pine Lake is Upper Liffey Falls.  Upper Liffey Falls is situated near the commencement of Liffey River, and descends down a steep gorge.  Viewing of the waterfall is from above along the Liffey River Track, with no track available to take you to the base of the falls, though it is possible to reach the base of the falls.  However, due to the steepness of the terrain, it is not recommended.

Tracks to Upper Liffey Falls

There are various routes to Upper Liffey Falls, the quickest route being from the track from Pine Lake through to the Liffey River Trail. You can access the track close to the area where the Highway crosses Liffey River, near Pine Lake itself.

An alternate track is from the Scenic Lookout area that is well signed on the A5 highway, and is the track that is documented with this waterfall. The lookout has stunning panoramic views across Liffey Falls State Reserve. The track continues down quite steeply until it reaches the Liffey River Track.

Follow the track that leads you towards Pine Lake. The path has metallic triangles nailed to trees to help guide you in the correct direction. In addition, previous hikers have ties ribbons to trees to also help you navigate. However, at the time of writing (June 2015), the track is overgrown in many places, and it is very easy to lose the track, and become disoriented. It is highly recommented you have a GPS device and a good map, (the Meander Tasmap 1:100000 is a good choice), to help keep you hiking in the correct direction when the trail is unclear. The walk from the scenic lookout to the top of the waterfall is about 1 hour.

The third way to access Upper Liffey Falls is from Liffey Falls itself, along the Liffey River trail. However, this track is badly overgrown and unmaintained.

How to get there

Upper Liffey Falls is accessible from Highland Lakes Road (A5), with Upper Liffey Falls being situated just north of the Great Lake. The easiest way in is via Deloraine, and drive south along the highway until you see a sign for the Scenic Lookout. Upper Liffey Falls is not signed at all.

Hike and Waterfall Information

Land TenureConservation Area
Land Feature NameLiffey Conservation Area
Tasmap4637 Breona
GPS Coordinates-41.7316300 , 146.7122200
Road AccessBitumen Road to scenic lookout
Walking Distance
Walking Time2 - 5 hours return, depending on which track is taken
Grade of WalkDifficult at times, overgrowth on track
Creative Commons License TopographicBasemap from theLIST © State of Tasmania