Photography: © 2018 Craig Doumouras

About Step Falls

Step Falls is a stunning waterfall on the Castra Circuit, that is home to 3 other waterfalls, Castra Falls, and Silver Falls. Situated on the Castra Rivulet, the waterfall is quite high, and flows down over a series of 'steps', most likely what prompted its name.

Depending on where you start your hike along the circuit, Step Falls could be your first waterfall, that will take you approximately 15 minutes to reach. Hoever, if you commence your walk from the carpark area, following the recommended route, Step Falls will be your final waterfall, that you will reach approximately 1.5 hours into your journey. Either way, the hike is well worth the effort, with Step Falls providing a gorgeous reward for effort, not to mention the lovely and varying types of forests you walk through to reach this destination.

How to get to Step Falls

Step Falls is situated approximately 10 km's south of Ulverstone, on Gaunts Rd. The easiest way to Gaunts Road is to drive along the Bass Highway, and take the Ulverstone Exit that leads you to Castra Road. Once you reach Castra Road, head south approximately 10 km's until you reach Gaunts Rd.

Hike and Waterfall Information

Land TenurePermanent Timber Production Zone Land
Tasmap4242 Castra
GPS Coordinates-41.360418068567 , 146.088850220206
Road AccessUnsealed Road for approximately 1km.
Walking Distance
Walking Time1 to 1.5 hours
Grade of WalkModerate to difficult - steep and slippery in places.
Creative Commons License TopographicBasemap from theLIST © State of Tasmania