Castra Falls

CastraGPS Coords: -41.3583, 146.0915
Land Tenure: Permanent Timber Production Zone Land

Tasmap Reference: 4242 Castra

Castra Falls
© 2015 - 2024 Photography: Craig Doumouras

Grade 4 Hike
Suitable for experienced hikers only.

6.5km's2.5 hours returnFormed track, some obstacles Sign posted

Formed earthen track, few obstacles. Generally a modified surface, sections may be hardened. Width: variable and less than 1200mm. Kept mostly clear.

Dogs are not allowed
Drones are not allowed
Unknown if accessible with a caravan
Unknown if accessible with a campervan or RV
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About Castra Falls

Castra Falls is the second waterfall on a walking circuit known as the Castra Circuit, home to 3 other waterfalls; Silver Falls, Step Falls, and Secret Place. The track is commenced as an easy to moderate walk, progressively becoming more difficult the further you walk.  The track, however, has been well maintained by volunteers, and have done an excellent job in marking the track with ribbons, pointers, and signs, to guide people along to the correct places.

What is striking about the walk is the sheer number of fallen trees throughout the circuit. Even though the circuit is in excellent condition, and is very well maintained, It does leave you wondering how stable the ground is, and how likely is it for more to fall around you. Fears aside, on a good day, the small hike is a picturesque one, with many photographic opportunities for you to enjoy.

As you near Castra Falls, signs will give you an option to view the Castra Cascades, which will require you to venture down a steep bank to the rivulet below. Continuing along the track a short distance will lead you to another makeshift sign guiding you down to Castra Falls. The track down to the falls from this point is incredibly steep, hazardous, and slippery, and we're thankful to the people who have installed rope rails to use to support yourself down to the base of Castra Falls, as well as to help pull you back up again (it really is that steep).

Once at the base of the falls, you will see a single drop waterfall of about 10 metres in height, with a series of small cascade behind them. The flow of water drops into a pool, that is surrounded by a steep small cliffs.

Naming confusion and Location Errors

It is unfortunate many websites, as well as government documentation (maps included), have confused the location of Castra Falls with Silver Falls, often getting the two mixed up. The makeshift signage along the circuit guides you to the correct waterfalls, and our GPS coordinates are in line with the true location of each waterfall.

How to get to Castra Falls

Castra Falls is situated approximately 10 km's south of Ulverstone, on Gaunts Rd. The easiest way to Gaunts Road is to drive along the Bass Highway, and take the Ulverstone Exit that leads you to Castra Road. Once you reach Castra Road, head south approximately 10 km's until you reach Gaunts Rd.

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