Pear Falls

Picton River Conservation AreaGPS Coords: -43.1272, 146.6954
Land Tenure: Conservation Area

Updated on 11 Jun 2021

Pear Falls (secondary falls)
© 2015 - 2022 Photography: Caedence Kuepper

Grade 5 Hike
Suitable for very experienced hikers only.

0.5km's1 Hour returnRough unformed track No directional signage

No Modification of the natural environment.

Unknown if dogs are permissable
Drones are not allowed
Not suitable for caravans
Not suitable for campervans or RV's
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This waterfall has not been rated.

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About Pear Falls

Draining the foothills of Pear Hill is an unnamed 10 metre waterfall tucked away up a small creek upstream of a culvert on West Picton Road. The falls would once have been quite impressive, with dual plunges on converging creeks, but the 2019 fires in the area largely ruined their scenic attraction. An enormous amount of debris fell over the main section of the waterfall, obstructing it nearly entirely. The secondary portion of the falls do remain largely untouched, but are typically low-flowing and not all that impressive. At some point it is likely a flood will clear out the debris, at which time it will again become a worthwhile waterfall for dedicated fall-baggers to seek out. 

To reach Pear Falls, turn onto Picton Road from Arve Road, continuing across the Picton River Bridge before keeping left onto West Picton Road. 1.5km further on this road you will come to a pullout on the left which serves as the best point to park, shortly before the road rounds a sharp bend accross the waterfall's creek. The best route to the falls is simply a matter of busbashing up the creek itself. The higher banks appear tempting and open due to the fires, but are littered with debris and extremely difficult to navigate. After a bushbash of about 250 metres you will arrive at the debris-covered base of Pear Falls. In high flow, the tributary falls may be worthwhile to photograph, but for the time being at least the main falls are unfortunately a bit of a non-event. 


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