Holwell Falls

Beaconsfield, Tasmania

About Holwell Falls

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    State Reserve
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  • map Tasmap (1:25000) - 4843 BeaconsFeild

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Holwell Falls is the second waterfall accessible in the Holwell Gorge State Reserve, the first being Holwell Gorge Falls. The waterfall is quite high, with an approximate height of about 50 metres. The water cascades slightly before dropping down a sheer cliff face.

Land Slides

In 2013, severe weather brought about land slippage in various areas in the Holwell Gorge area, and is most significant at Holwell Falls iteself. The area directly surrounding the waterfall is unsightly, with much of the debris directly in front of the waterfall itself. The land slippage also caused much damage to the tracks to these waterfalls. In some areas, the track was completely washed out, and the only way forward was along the creek bed to continue to the waterfall. In full flow, access to this waterfall would from Holwell Gorge State Reserve would be impossible, and is extremely difficult at the best of times.

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