Lobster Falls

ChudleighGPS Coords: -41.5295, 146.5143
Land Tenure: Permanent Timber Production Zone Land

Tasmap Reference: 4440 Gog

1st waterfall at Lobster Falls
© 2015 - 2024 Photography: Craig Doumouras

Grade 4 Hike
Suitable for experienced hikers only.

4km's2 hours returnFormed track, some obstacles Limited signage

Formed earthen track, few obstacles. Generally a modified surface, sections may be hardened. Width: variable and less than 1200mm. Kept mostly clear.

Dogs are not allowed
Drones are not allowed
Unknown if accessible with a caravan
Unknown if accessible with a campervan or RV
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About Lobster Falls

Lobster Falls is situated approximately 10 kilometres east of Mole Creek, Tasmania. The waterfall itself is a delightful smallish cascade style fall, situated on Lobster Rivulet, which flows between two rather high cliff faces on either side.

Access to the waterfall is via Mole Creek Main Road, and despite a blue road sign clearly marking where Lobster Falls is situated, another sign says no cars are permitted to drive up the path.  Consequently, parking must be done on a grassed area off the road.

The commencement of the hike is relatively easy, on a slight, gradual, downhill slope. The track is typical for many walking tracks in Tasmania, being rough, uneven, and in parts grown over with plants. Being bush land, it is quite common for obstructions to be blocking your access, usually in the form of fallen trees.

About 15 minutes into your walk you will reach a clearing, where it is quite unclear which way you should continue. It is imperative to look for markers, in the form of small metallic triangles nailed to trees, or pink ribbons tied to trees to guide you.

Treacherous Track

The track then narrows as it trails on the edge of some steep slopes. At this point, the track becomes rather dangerous, as areas are eroded. It is incredibly easy to slip, or lose your footing, and careen off the track down the slope towards Lobster Rivulet. Extreme care must be taken, and in the opinion of waterfallsoftasmania.com.au, this track should not be negotiated if any moisture is around.

Approximately 65 metres from the waterfall, your first view of Lobster Falls is available, overlooking the falls from higher ground. To continue to the base of the waterfall, a very steep, unstable, and very slippery rock steps will need to be negotiated.  

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Avoid Private Property

Not every area in Tasmania is available for the public to explore. Watch our video tutorial to learn how to identify which areas are on public land.

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