Holwell Gorge Falls

Holwell Gorge State Reserve, Tasmania

About Holwell Gorge Falls

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Holwell Gorge Falls is the first waterfall on a hike through Holwell Gorge State Reserve. From the parking area, a sign sign will point you towards the 'first waterfall', which has 2 excellent bridges to walk on. Once you are within the gorge, the track becomes degraded, and, with many fallen trees blocking access. In 2013, due to heavy rain, the gorge suffered signifiant land slides, which is evident as you approach Holwell Gorge Falls. However, the walk to the first waterfall is relatively painless provided extra care is taken when you walk along the degraded tracks.

The walk to the first waterfall is a little uninspiring as you track through the beginnings of the gorge. However, the walk is relatively short before being graced with Holwell Gorge Falls. The waterfall is approximately 5 to 6 metres in height, and appears to slope at about a 30 degree angle down a rocky slide. Despite it being regarded as a waterfall, it really is just water flowing down a slope. None the less, it is visually pleasing.

The walk to the waterfall (as of May 2015) requires leaving the track to work yourself around fallen trees, and debris from land slides, often result wading through the creek to get yourself back onto the track. It is unlikely that access to the first waterfall would be possible if the creek is in full flow.

Due to the significance of the land slides in the area, as well as the degraded tracks, endorses the closure of Holwell Groge Stare Reserve.

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