Bastion Cascades

Meander State Forest Reserve, Tasmania

Bastion Cascades
Bastion Cascades
© 2015 - 2020 Photography: Craig Doumouras

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  • public Land Tenure:
  • timer 9 kms 5 hours return
  • terrain image Recommended for experienced bushwalkers.
  • directions_walk Rough unformed track.
    No Modification of the natural environment.
  • panorama_horizontal Limited signage.
    Track head signage & route markers
  • grade Experienced bushwalkers.
    Users require a moderate level of specialised skills such as navigation skills. Users may require maps and navigation equipment to successfully complete the track. users need to be self-reliant, particularly in regard to emergency first aid.
  • clear_all No steps.
  • map Tasmap (1:25000) - 4638 Quamby Bluff

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If you're a lover of stunning scenery, excellent waterfalls, magnificent cliff overhangs and small caves all encased in rainforest, then Bastion Cascades along with the Stone Hut loop walk should be high on your priority list. Bastion Cascades is a series of waterfalls and cascades that flow along Bastion Creek in the Meander State Forest Reserve in Tasmania's north. The creek flows between magnificent cliffs providing spectacular views throughout your walk.

About the Hike

The hike commences on Stone Hut Track that you can drive down. An old quarry area that is suitable for car parking is available, and is a suitable place to start your walk. Continue along the well defined track for about 10 minutes until you reach signage that will give you directions to Bastion Cascades via Stone Hut (highly recommended). An alternate route is to continue walking along the track following pink markers and metal arrows on trees. The loop walk via Stone Hut is recommended due to the stunning natural geographic features of the surrounding cliffs. There are also caves, and rock overhangs on the cliffs above that make this walk really delightful. And if that isn't enough, you get to see unexpected things like the Gnome Home

Gnome Home
Gnome Home - can be found located in one of the caves you walk past on your hike
The hike to Stone Hut is a constant uphill walk for about 1 hour, rising to an altitude of over 800 metres. In the winter, ice and snow is commonplace, and you will need to be prepared accordingly. Due to the alpine region of this walk, it is highly recommended you carry proper protective clothing with you. You will visit plenty of small caves and will be amazed at the sheer cliff faces with massive overhanging ledges that you walk under. After an hour of hiking uphill, you will reach signage guiding you to Stone Hut. A 5 minute walk will lead you straight to it, a cave with a bed in it, and a firepit. Once you've visited stone hut, return to the main track and continue following the markers. You will reach more signage and you should head down Croft Track. Croft Track is a different walking experience from the Stone Hut Track, and was a little more overgrown in places as well. the hike continues taking you around massive stone cliffs, and magnificent stone overhangs. The walk along this track bypasses some small waterfalls as well. After another 2 hours of walking, you will reach an area on the track you will need descend. Climb down the steep section using a long rope that is supplied on the track. Continue following the track around the cliffs until you reach Bastion Cascades.

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