Photography: © 2018 Craig Doumouras

Hike and Waterfall Information

Land TenureConservation Area
Land Feature NameMeander Conservation Area
Tasmap4638 Quamby Bluff
GPS Coordinates-41.72624 , 146.53475
Road AccessUnsealed to Meander Falls Car Park
Walking Distance
Walking Time1.5 hours return
Grade of WalkModerate. Steady uphill

About Split Rock Falls

Meander State Forest is a wonderful destination for hikers, and is home to a number of waterfalls situated on various hiking tracks.  The Split Rock Track is a stunning walking trail that leads to Split Rock Falls, and Shower Cave Falls.  Both Waterfalls are best viewed in wetter months, however the hiking track is magnificent all year round.

Driving to Meander Valley Forest

In late 2015, the Tasmanian State Government allocated funds to replace bridges in and around Meander State Forest that had previously been washed away. The new bridges made it possible for vehicles to drive directly to the Meander Falls carpark once again. To reach the carpark area, you must drive to Deloraine, and then head towards Meander. Signage along the roads will guide you in the direction you must go. The road will eventually become unsealed, and as you enter into the forest, signs will continue to guide you to your destination.

Once at the carpark, there are noticeboards with maps of the area, and various tracks you can hike upon. The Split Rock Track is signed as 1.5 hours return.

The Hike

The hike commences by crossing a suspension bridge over the river and then walking along the trail ahead. There are no signs along the track, and care needs to be taken to spot metallic markers on trees to guide you in the correct direction. Ribbons tied to trees also assist in guiding you along the path. The walk is almost constantly uphill, and though not incredibly difficult to walk, does require a reasonable fitness level. The track itself is laced with ferns or various varieties, with the larger ferns forming a canopy over you. It's an incredibly pretty walk. When you reach closer to your destination, huge rock formations and caves will line your walk, with a few small waterfalls being noticeable. Split Rock Falls is a delight to see even in low flow, but is best seen in winter and spring.

A small waterfall along the track
Creative Commons License TopographicBasemap from theLIST © State of Tasmania