Beckett Falls

Tarkine, Tasmania

Beckett Falls (also known as Wes Beckett Falls)
Beckett Falls (also known as Wes Beckett Falls)
© 2015 - 2018 Photography: Craig Doumouras

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  • public Land Tenure:
    Permanent Timber Production Zone Land
  • timer 1.2 kms 2 hours return
  • terrain image
  • directions_walk Rough track, many obstacles
    Generally distinct without major modification to the ground. Encounters with fallen debris and other obstacles are likely.
  • panorama_horizontal Limited signage.
    Track head signage & route markers
  • grade Very experienced bushwalkers.
    Users require previous experience in the outdoors and a high level of specialised skills such as navigation skills. Users generally require a map and navigation equipment to complete the track. Users need to be self-reliant.
  • clear_all Occasional step.
  • map Tasmap (1:25000) - 3443 Beryl

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Situated in the beautiful Tarkine forest is Beckett Falls, also known as Wes Beckett Falls. Beckett Falls is a stunning waterfall encased in a lush fern forest with rock cliff surrounds. The waterfall itself is the face of the 'Save the Tarkine' campaign, with its photo being used promote the Tarkine region.

in 2016 bushfires that raged through the Tarkine heavily impacted access into Beckett Falls. Road Access to Beckett Falls has been closed resulting in a significantly longer hike to the waterfall. Due to the severity of the fire, trees and branches can collapse at anytime making the area not safe to hike in.

*Also known as Dodd's Creek Falls and Wes Becketts Falls, Becketts Falls was named after a well liked chief forester, Wes Beckett, from Smithton.

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