Reggies Falls

Mt Roland Regional Reserve, Tasmania

About Reggies Falls

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  • public Land Tenure:
    Regional Reserve
  • timer 14 to 18 kms kms 5 - 7 hours return return
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  • clear_all
  • map Tasmap (1:25000) - 4240 Cethana

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One of Tasmania's great hiking adventures is the walking tracks around the Mt Roland Regional Reserve, many of the walks can be completed in a single day. One such hike is the Mt Roland and Mt Vandyke loop that takes you within 50 metres of Reggies Falls. You can walk to Reggies Falls without walking to the summits of Mt Roland, or Mt Vandyke, but for a full days outing, both are recommended if the weather is suitable.

The hike commences from O'Neills Road, near Gowrie Park. There is a registration area where you should write your name into the log book before commencing your hike. Once signed in, the hike takes you steadily uphill along an excellent and well defined track. During your walk, you will get sensational views of Mt Roland from different angles as you gradually walk towards it. About 1.5 kms into your walk, you will reach an intersection where you can cntinue along the Roland Track, or veer right towards the Mount Van Dyke track. Either route can be taken to reach Reggies Falls, the easier option being the Roland track.

After hiking for approximately 5kms, you will reach another intersection in the track, with benches for resting. At this juncture you could turn left to walk to Mt Roland, if you wish to climb to its summit. To reach Reggies Falls, turn right, and follow the track for 400 metres. On the right hand side, where the track crosses O'Neills Creek, Reggies Falls resides, some 50 metres away from the track.

There are no signs, nor tracks to reach Reggies Falls, and depending on the amount of water flowing through O'Neills Creek, it may not be possible. However, if you are able to go off track and follow the creek downstream, you will reach the very top of the waterfall, that has some enchanting rock formations, with gorgeous tannin stained pools. Overlooking where O'Neills Creek drops below, sensational views of mountains and forest in the distance can be seen.

The top of Reggies Falls, facing upstream.

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