Minnow Falls

Mt Roland, Tasmania

Minnow Falls (Middle Tier)
Minnow Falls (Middle Tier)
© 2015 - 2020 Photography: Caedence Kuepper
  • public Land Tenure:
    Regional Reserve
  • timer 4.5 kms 3 Hours return
  • terrain image Recommended for experienced bushwalkers.
  • directions_walk Rough track, many obstacles
    Generally distinct without major modification to the ground. Encounters with fallen debris and other obstacles are likely.
  • panorama_horizontal Sign posted.
    Track head signage & route markers at intersections and where track is indistinct.
  • grade Experienced bushwalkers.
    Users require a moderate level of specialised skills such as navigation skills. Users may require maps and navigation equipment to successfully complete the track. users need to be self-reliant, particularly in regard to emergency first aid.
  • clear_all Many steps.
  • map Tasmap (1:25000) - 4440 Gog
  • near_me
    -41.48478, 146.3028
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A multi-tiered falls twisting down the face of Mt Roland, Minnow Falls is a massive and spectacular waterfall, that would have to be close to the tallest in Tasmania with a cumulative drop in excess of 200 metres. The falls consist of 3 main tiers, with a 30 metre lower drop, 80 metre middle drop and 50 metre upper tier (although the upper falls is pretty much impossible to see clearly) as well as a number of smaller cascades in between. 

A new track has been constructed starting at the end of Bottom Road 1 which is the track we used to access the falls and thus the route that will be described on this page.

To reach the start of the new track, turn onto Belstone Road from Union Bridge Road, before taking a left turn onto Rising Road a short distance later. A few hundred metres further on, head right onto Bottom Road, then left again shortly afterwords onto Bottom Road 1. Continue along this road to the carpark, passing a clearing signed as "Falls Lookout" that allows for a distant view of Minnow Falls as well as the unofficially named "Not-the-Minnow-Falls", a tall but slim single drop.

Once at the carpark, a small sign on a tree shows the start of the track, which initially follows a 4WD track before turning right onto a more primitive bush trail to head across a log bridge over the Minnow River. Take care crossing as the log is slippery, although chicken wire mesh on the log and a rope to hold onto makes it a bit more secure. Once on the other side of the bridge, continue following the reasonably clear track as it follows along the river with pink and orange tapes marking the route. Around a kilometre into the walk, the orange tapes head to the right and uphill, with a small sign pointing towards the falls, while the pink tapes continue straight on. Be sure to follow the orange tapes, as the pink tapes lead along a very rough route that eventually peters into nothing amongst thick scrub. The orange-taped track continues to climb fairly steeply, until it eventually arrives at a junction with the old track near the base of the escarpment. From here, it is just a short 5 minute walk to the base of the impressive lower falls, which drops 30 metres over two tiers. Amazingly, the distinctive log that sits in a pool halfway up the falls has been there for at least 80 years, with 1930's photos showing the log looking remarkably similar to today.

To continue to the middle falls, look for a small sign just before the lower falls, and follow this track as it climbs steeply alongside a small creek. After 5 minutes or so, you will come to a rope ladder that needs to be climbed, and then immediately afterwords a cave that you need to scramble through (bring a head torch). At the other end of the cave, the middle falls are in view, and a scramble along a little ridge will bring you out at a plateau with spectacular views of the 80 metre plunge through a narrow slot canyon, as well as panoramas over the Meander Valley. 

The track continues up from the middle falls plateau to eventually reach the top of the falls, but the hike is difficult and there are no more views of the waterfall itself, so you can get the pretty much the full experience of Minnow Falls without attempting it. The times and distances on this page are reflective of the hike to the Middle Falls Plateau and back along the track from Bottom Road. 

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Lower Falls
Log bridge
Minnow River
Rope ladder to Middle Falls Plateau
Middle Falls Plateau
Middle Falls
Falls Lookout View

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