Heemskirk Falls

Zeehan, Tasmania

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Heemskirk Falls is a waterfall that for the most part is now lost due to dams and irrigation systems being constructed, resulting in the flooding of the region, now known as Lake Pieman.  The upper section of Heemskirk Falls still exists, and flows directly into Lake Pieman.  Historical photos show that before the construction of the dam, Heemskirk Falls was a significant, large waterfall.

Access to the waterfall by foot is incredibly difficult, with known tracks being well and truly overgrown. The bush is very dense in most parts, making a hike to Heemskirk Falls almost impossible. It is possible to see Heemskirk Falls from upstream from the actual drop. if you want to see the face of the waterfall, it will most likely need to be done so by boat, or kayak.

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