Heritage Falls

Douglas-Apsley National ParkGPS Coords: -41.7362, 148.2056
Land Tenure: National Park

Tasmap Reference: 6037 Seymour

Heritage Falls
© 2015 - 2024 Photography: Caedence Kuepper

Grade 5 Hike
Suitable for very experienced hikers only.

km's6-7 hours returnRough unformed track Sign posted

No Modification of the natural environment.

Dogs are not allowed
Drones are not allowed
Not suitable for caravans
Not suitable for campervans or RV's
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About Heritage Falls

The tallest and arguably best of the waterfalls on the Douglas River, Heritage Falls is a gorgeous waterfall plunging 15 metres into a wide and clear green pool typical of many of the waterfalls in the region. While the pools may present an inviting location for a dip in summer, the real issue is in getting there. 

The road to the Leeaberra Track Trailhead was damaged by floods a few years ago which washed out two bridges, and with no plans for replacements it means that getting to the start of the walk requires either a good 4WD or a walk of up to 3.5 hours one way. Once you get to the trailhead, a sign points to Heritage Falls, apparently 5 hours return. It will take you at least 6-7. The track is initially easy enough, travelling through dry sclerophyll forest along an old 4WD track, but after this track ends it becomes a little more unclear and is often obstructed by cutting grass and fallen trees. After a little over two hours depending on your walking speed, the campsite by the Douglas River is reached, which points to Heritage Falls, supposedly 45 minutes return away, as well as to the continuation of the Leeaberra Track towards Apsley Gorge. Despite the signs, the track just to reach the top of the falls takes 45 minutes one way, having been severely damaged by the same floods that wiped out the bridges on the road, which means that best route is often through through the riverbed itself, although care must be taken on the slick rocks. Once you reach the top of the falls, to get to the base requires a steep scramble up a ridge to the left (looking downstream) of the waterfall, that takes you to a cairned trail leading to the bottom. This route is incredibly steep and dangerous, with very easily shifted rocks the surface on the descent. Extreme care is required to reach the base of the falls, but if you can make it down, the views are spectacular. 

It is also possible to access Leeaberra Falls just downstream of Heritage Falls from here. See that page for more information on the continuation of the hike.  With a 4WD, Heritage and Leeaberra could be done as a day trip, however to give yourself enough time to properly explore both falls it is recommend as an overnighter, or to continue on the rest of the Leeaberrra Track to Apsley Gorge, a three day walk. 


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