Photography: © 2018 Travis Easton

Hike and Waterfall Information

Land TenureNational Park
Land Feature NameCradle Mountain - Lake St Claire National Park
Tasmap4235 Du Cane
GPS Coordinates-41.908801 , 146.1223004
Road AccessSealed Road
Walking Distance
Walking Time
Grade of WalkDifficult multi-day walk

About Fergusson Falls

One of the three waterfalls on the Mersey River that can be seen as part of the Overland Track, Fergusson Falls is potentially the hardest of the three to photograph or satisfactorily view. The track that takes you to the falls, part of a 45 minute detour from the main track that also includes impressive D’Alton Falls, finishes right beside the falls themselves, meaning that the only views you can get from the track are very close up, side-on, and rather awkward for photography. If care is taken it is possible to scramble down onto the large rock slabs on the banks of the river just downstream of the falls to get a clearer view, however in times of high flow they become very slippery and dangerous due to the amount of mist coming off the falls.

For more detailed information on the hike to the falls see the D’Alton Falls page, as these waterfalls are only a few minute’s walk from each other and visited on the same sidestrip. 

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