D'Alton Falls

Cradle Mountain - Lake St Clair National Park, Tasmania

About D'Alton Falls

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Part of the world-famous Overland Track, D’Alton (pronounced “Dolton”) Falls are one of three waterfalls that can be comfortably visited on the fifth day of the walk when coming from Cradle Mountain. The falls are one of the most impressive on the track with a 20 metre single drop, however the thing that makes it, and all the waterfalls on the Mersey River stand out is the incredible volume of water that flows over them in the winter and spring months.

The detour to D’Alton, as well as Fergusson Falls, begins about two kilometres past Du Cane Hut, approximately two hours walk from Kia Ora Hut, where most will have spent the previous night on the track. The area around the turnoff to the waterfalls contains some of the most beautiful rainforest anywhere on the Overland Track, and a keen photographer could easily spend hours in the mossy wonderland of the sidestrip, as it descends along a sometimes steep and slippery track beside an unnamed waterfall before coming to a junction after 5-10 minutes. The right fork leads to Fergusson Falls, while heading left will take you to D’Alton Falls. This final stretch of track is a little dodgy as it takes you close to some fairly nasty drop-offs, however it isn’t long until it comes out at a viewing area directly across from D’Alton Falls.

The entire detour to view both D’Alton and Fergusson Falls takes approximately 45 minutes, or longer for those who spend more time photographing the incredible scenery of the area.  

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