Featherstone Falls

Hobart, Tasmania

Featherstone Falls
Featherstone Falls
© 2015 - 2020 Photography: Caedence Kuepper
  • public Land Tenure:
    Wellington Park
  • timer 3 kms 1 Hour return
  • terrain image Recommended for experienced bushwalkers.
  • directions_walk Rough track, many obstacles
    Generally distinct without major modification to the ground. Encounters with fallen debris and other obstacles are likely.
  • panorama_horizontal Limited signage.
    Track head signage & route markers
  • grade Some bushwalking experience recommended.
    Users need no bushwalking experience and a minimum level of specialised skills. Users may encounter natural hazards such as steep slopes, unstable surfaces and minor water crossings. They are responsible for their own safety.
  • clear_all Occasional step.
  • map Tasmap (1:25000) - 5224 Taroona

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A secluded waterfall upstream of O'Grady's Falls, Featherstone Falls was a long-forgotten waterfall, having been a popular attraction around the 1930's, that has recently been rediscovered and is quickly becoming a favourite spot for photographers once again. 

To access Featherstone Falls, continue across the bridge past O'Grady's Falls on the Betts Vale Track for about 50 metres, until you see a big tree stump on the left. The track to Featherstone Falls starts just after the stump, and while it is pretty rough, it isn't too difficult to follow with tapes marking the route along the old trail. The walk upstream takes no more than 10 minutes or so until you reach the falls, although there are some obstacles in the form of large fallen trees to negotiate. It is recommended to keep to the marked route as much as possible, to stop destruction of the relatively untouched environment around the creek and avoid creating potentially confusing side trails. 

Featherstone Falls are well worth the effort required to reach them, cascading about 3 metres over a wide, mossy cascade before funnelling into a narrower plunge into a small pool below.

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