Smoko Falls

Meander State Forest, Tasmania

About Smoko Falls

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Smoko Falls is the unofficially named waterfall which is situated on an unnamed creek on the Great Western Tiers. The creek is situated west of Cummings Head in the Great Western Tiers, and drops over a bluff into Mother Cummings Rivulet. It's a high waterfall, but is only spectacular after heavy rain.

Situated within Meander State Forest Reserve, Smoko Falls is a 1.5 hours walk from Chasm Falls and is approximately a 3 hour return walk from the carpark area, and is viewable from the Mother Cummings Track.

The Hike

From the township of Meander, which is close to Deloraine, or Mole Creek, you will need to travel approximately 14kms along an unsealed road through to Meander State Forest Reserve. Driving along the old forestry track, eventually your trip will be halted by a non-existant bridge (the bridge washed away a few years ago). At this point, you must park your vehicle, and proceed on foot.

Crossing the river by foot can be tricky due to moss covered rocks being very slippery. Care needs to be taken to work your way across the creek. Once across, you will then continue your walk along the old Forestry track that was used by vehicles. The track has a steady uphill climb, and about 25 minutes into your walk, you will reach a clearing which has a sign (albeit a broken one), that will advise you of different tracks to take in the region. Follow the direction for Smoko Falls, and keep a keen look out for markers on trees and pink ribbons that will help guide you in the correct direction.

The walk from this point on is approximately another 25 minutes, which will also require another crossing of a creek. Once again, care will need to be taken crossing over the water due to slippery rocks. Once on the other side, The cascades pictured above are approximately 10 minutes hike. The hike continues steadily uphill adjacent Mother Cummings Rivulet, climbing towards Cummings Head.


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