Photography: © 2018 Caedence Kuepper

About Slippery Falls

Slippery Falls is a cascading waterfall that for most people serves as a bonus to the far more spectacular Pelverata Falls. The falls are most easily viewed from the Pelverata Falls Track, where they come into sight across the valley about 10 minutes before Pelverata Falls itself.

If you want a closer look of Slippery Falls, it is also possible to hike to the top of the falls by 4WD’ing or hiking up Van Morey Road from Margate. If you hike, it is about a 15 kilometre return walk to the top of Pelverata Falls, and a further kilometre of bush bashing through the forest will lead you to the top of Slippery Falls. 

Hike and Waterfall Information

Land Tenure
GPS Coordinates-43.068766293389 , 147.133865674642
Road AccessGood unsealed road
Walking Distance3 hours return
Walking Time147.13386
Grade of WalkModerate to Difficult
Creative Commons License TopographicBasemap from theLIST © State of Tasmania