Nelson Falls

Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National ParkGPS Coords: -42.1004, 145.7371
Nelson Falls
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Grade 2 Hike
Suitable for families with young children.

1.4km's45 minutes returnWell formed track Clearly sign posted

Broad, hard surfaced track suitable for wheelchair use. Width: 1200mm or more. Well maintained with minimal intrusions

Dogs are not allowed
Drones are not allowed
Unknown if accessible with a caravan
Suitable for campervans and RV's
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About Nelson Falls

Nelson Falls is situated approximately 30kms east of Queenstown, Tasmania on the Lyell Highway, with excellent parking and walking access to the waterfall. From the carpark, the walk is picturesque, with dense rainforest which is typical of region. 

One of Nelson Falls best attributes is it is suitable for wheelchair access. It's children friendly as well, making it an ideal location to visit on a road trip through Tasmania.

The walk to the waterfall has brilliant 'education signs', that challenge you to go back in time, and imagine what the area would have looked like hundreds of thousands of years ago. Along the path, the educational signs give explanations of how the habitat has evolved, and how some of the plants unique to this part of Tasmania are in fact ancient species that have managed to survive due to the cool, temperate climate that the Nelson Valley rainforests require.

The trail to the waterfall is well maintained, and access to Nelson Falls is very easy, with only a few steps along the way. Nelson Falls is a picturesque waterfall, surrounded by lush rainforest, and, like almost all waterfalls in Tasmania, is best seen during the Winter and Spring Months (June - October).


Avoid Private Property

Not every area in Tasmania is available for the public to explore. Watch our video tutorial to learn how to identify which areas are on public land.

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