Ladder Falls

Cradle Mountain - Lake St Clair National Park, Tasmania

Ladder Falls
Ladder Falls
© 2015 - 2021 Photography: Craig Doumouras

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  • public Land Tenure:
    National Park
  • timer 17 kms 9+ hours return
  • terrain image Recommended for experienced bushwalkers.
  • directions_walk Rough track, many obstacles
    Generally distinct without major modification to the ground. Encounters with fallen debris and other obstacles are likely.
  • panorama_horizontal No directional signage.
    Signage is generally not provided.
  • grade Experienced bushwalkers.
    Users require a moderate level of specialised skills such as navigation skills. Users may require maps and navigation equipment to successfully complete the track. users need to be self-reliant, particularly in regard to emergency first aid.
  • clear_all Occasional step.
  • map Tasmap (1:25000) - 4236 Cathedral
  • No Drones Permitted

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The sensational Lees Paddocks is an area in central Tasmania surrounded by large mountains, and is a great hiking destination for enthusiasts. There are quite a few waterfalls within reach from Lees Paddocks, and Ladder Falls is an impressive waterfall to visit. Situated on Ladder Creek, Ladder Falls is in fact the 2nd waterfall you can visit once you get to Ladder Creek on the edge of the hills on the western side of the paddocks. The first waterfall is impressive in itself, and you would be forgiven for thinking it was Ladder Falls. However, by climbing the hill on the northern side of Ladder Creek, you will reach a much larger multi-tiered waterfall encased in an intimate rainforest overflowing with ferns and mosses. 

Ladder Creek is terrific to explore, and continuing your hike uphill past Ladder Falls will revel more delightful cascades and small waterfalls.


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Mountainous views of Lees Paddocks
downstream from Ladder Falls
Beautiful cascades on Ladder Creek
Upper tier of Ladder Falls
Mt. Pillinger overlooking Lees Hut

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