Hinman Falls

GPS Coords: -41.5071, 146.0715
Land Tenure: Permanent Timber Production Zone Land

Updated on 09 Jan 2021

Hinman Creek Falls
© 2015 - 2022 A faint view of the waterfall through the trees

Grade 5 Hike
Suitable for very experienced hikers only.

2.8km's1.5 hours returnRough unformed track No directional signage

No Modification of the natural environment.

Dogs are not allowed
Drones are not allowed
Not suitable for caravans
Not suitable for campervans or RV's
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This waterfall has not been rated.

About Hinman Falls

Hinman Falls is the unofficial name of the waterfall located on Hinman Creek near Moina (Cradle Mountain region), and has a height of approximately 40 metres.  The waterfall is located near the start of the creek meaning there isn't a lot of water catchment.  Therefore, the waterfall usually does not flow well, but does come alive following rain or snow.

The hike to the waterfall commences from Cradle Mountain Rd.  There are no signage, and you will need to research where to park your car.  There is a paddock located between two private properties that you can use as access, and is easily identificable by the large power lines that go through it.  The paddock has a boom gate, and that is where your hike commences.

Once inside the paddock, use your GPS to keep track of your walk to ensure you do not cross into provate property.  Walk along the fence line, and keep walking in the same direction for approximately 500 metres.  You will reach an area beyond property lines where the terrain begins to slope sharply downhill.  Look for an open area, almost like a track on the northern side, where you can walk through the trees easily.  This will take you directly to the top of the waterfall.  Cross the creek carefully and from the northern side of the creek walk downhill to an area where you can view the waterfall.

Please note, that if you wish to go to the base of the waterfall, do not try to access it from the southern side of the creek.  The forest area on the southern side is extremely thick and difficult to penetrate.  However, on the northern side of the creek it is much easier.


Avoid Private Property

Not every area in Tasmania is available for the public to explore. Watch our video tutorial to learn how to identify which areas are on public land.

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