Arve Falls

GeevestonGPS Coords: -43.2100, 146.7739
Land Tenure: National Park

Tasmap Reference: 4821 Waterloo

Updated on 31 Jan 2021

Arve Falls in winter
© 2015 - 2022 Photography - Craig Doumouras

Grade 2 Hike
Suitable for families with young children.

1km's15 minutes returnFormed track Sign posted

Generally a modified or hardened surface. Width: 900mm or more. Well maintained with minimal intrusions

Dogs are not allowed
Drones are not allowed
Unknown if accessible with a caravan
Unknown if accessible with a campervan or RV
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About Arve Falls

Situated in the Hartz Mountains National Park is Arve Falls. A popular picnic area, you are greeted by a large visitor shelter, toilets, barbeques, chairs and tables.

The well formed and easy to follow track to Arve Falls heads along the small ridge through low trees. The track drops slightly before coming to several flights of stairs leading down to a lookout above the falls.

Educational signs are along the track explaining the various vegetation. The Hartz Mountains National Park was included in the Tasmanian World Heritage Area in 1989.


*  The Geeves family (who founded Geeveston) cut the first track through the Hartz Mountains towards Federation Peak. While returning from prospecting in November of 1897, Osbourne Geeves, his 3 sons and a nephew were confronted with a strong snow storm. One son and his nephew died of exposure. A memorial is located where they perished.


Avoid Private Property

Not every area in Tasmania is available for the public to explore. Watch our video tutorial to learn how to identify which areas are on public land.

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