Photography: © 2018 Caedence Kuepper

Hike and Waterfall Information

Land TenureState Reserve
Land Feature NameWaterfall Creek State Reserve
Tasmap5219 Fluted Cape
GPS Coordinates-43.3764284 , 147.3081508
Road AccessWell graded unsealed road
Walking Distance3 km's return
Walking Time1.5 - 2 hours return
Grade of WalkDifficult, overgrown track - multiple creek crossings

About Mavista Falls

Bruny Island’s only waterfall, Mavista Falls is a small yet pretty waterfall tumbling about 7 metres on aptly named Waterfall Creek. Despite being the only waterfall on world-famous Bruny Island, the falls are known to few people as a result of the track to them having been closed some 15 years ago. These days getting to Mavista Falls is a real challenge and only achievable to those who have bushwalking experience and are sure of their abilities.

The trailhead has excellent facilities, with a large shelter, information boards, and a picnic table, and the first part of the walk is actually very easy. The trail meanders through pretty rainforest alongside Waterfall Creek, before reaching a couple of poles that are meant to indicate the end of the track after about 10 minutes. The official track now ends here, but it is possible to continue further along an old route. The track becomes very overgrown and hard to follow past the poles, and has a number of creek crossings along the way. The real hard part doesn't begin until you are near the waterfall, however, when the track comes to a series of small cascades tumbling through a mini-gorge. There is no way to get around this obstacle besides climbing up the slick (but not too steep) rock face beside these cascades. While this is difficult when the creek is low, it can be downright dangerous at high flow, when the rock face you are climbing has water flowing over it.

Once at the top of the cascades it is just a short 50 metre scramble upstream to Mavista Falls. While the waterfall is not breathtakingly spectacular, it is a very serene and pretty spot and a nice place to dip your toes in the water and relax after the hard walk.

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