Timeline for Sophie HanlonMember since: 18 Feb 2021

2021 (9 waterfalls visited)

Halls Falls

26 Jan 2021

What a beauty

Perfect spot to think about life and to take some time out.

St Columba Falls

26 Jan 2021

Doesn’t disappoint

Tallest falls in Tassie

Lady Barron Falls

09 Feb 2021

Perfect day

Was definitely worth the walk and all the steps back out

Horseshoe Falls

09 Feb 2021

Got our steps up

Loved how beautiful this place was, hated the stairs but loved every minute once we were there.

Russell Falls

09 Feb 2021

What a great start

One of Tassies best falls and so easy for everyone to see.

Marriotts Falls

08 Mar 2021

Great girls day out

Good walk along the river. Loved the day.

O'Gradys Falls

13 Apr 2021

Perfect picnic spot

Was great seeing all the mountain has to offer

Silver Falls - Castra Circuit

13 Apr 2021

Easy but good

Was great starter to our day

New Town Falls

11 May 2021

Got the heart rate up

Little water but will definitely go back after some rain fall