Timeline for Gregory HillMember since: 24 Sep 2018

Waterfalls visited: 37

2018 (1 waterfall visited)

Cam Falls

27 Oct 2018

Watch for leeches

Slippery slog down to the base of the falls, quite steep

2019 (7 waterfalls visited)

Nelson Falls

21 Mar 2019

Wild West coast

Easy stroll through the forest on a flat well maintained track

Philosopher Falls

22 Apr 2019

Appears from and disappears into the forest from the lookout

Magical walk through the bush, stairs pretty different for anyone with mobility issues

McGowans Falls

25 Apr 2019

Steep decent

Impressive waterfall from the gully floor

Montezuma Falls

22 Jun 2019

Follow the old railway line.

Massive drop, quiet the spectacle. Easy walk in.

Dip Falls

17 Jul 2019

Hear the roar

Intimidating when your standing on the lower viewing platform looking up

St Josephs Falls

25 Jul 2019

Blackberries galore

Westmorland Falls

26 Jul 2019

Undulating walk in

Fair amount of water that day

2020 (1 waterfall visited)

Delaneys Falls

23 Jul 2020

Cold morning

Slippery climb to the canyon floor

2022 (3 waterfalls visited)

Waratah Falls

13 Jun 2022

Crisp winters morning

Everyone can view this waterfall

Guide Falls

10 Aug 2022


Big flow after the rains

Dynamo Falls

05 Dec 2022

Still summer morning

Not a lot of water, interesting with the old hydro buildings still intact