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Waterfalls visited: 22

2021 (7 waterfalls visited)

Timbs Falls (Lonnavale Falls)

24 Jan 2021

Lonnavale alone

My 2.attempt, no signs, no signal, tiger snake and me. Running and running out of time. I'll be back.

O'Gradys Falls

31 Jan 2021


Sweet like 10 min coffee break

Silver Falls - Browns River

06 Feb 2021

Silver Falls

Was raining tonight, let's check the closest one...

Fairy Falls (Geeveston)

04 Mar 2021

Fairy Falls

Just follow the creek....

Wellington Falls

Huge, spectacular set up

Wellington Falls

06 Mar 2021

Halls Falls

20 Mar 2021

Halls Falls

Pelverata Falls

Might come back after rain.

Pelverata Falls

26 May 2021