Timeline for Rachel CMember since: 16 May 2022

Waterfalls visited: 23

2020 (1 waterfall visited)

The beginning...

Starting entries from when I got my first DSLR. At the time of visiting, was not aware these falls were a listed entity! Viewed from Cape Tourville walk, short and easy walk with beautiful views suited to all ages and stages of ability.

Waterfall Bay

27 Dec 2020

2021 (16 waterfalls visited)

Parsons Falls

04 Jan 2021

Failed Attempt 1.0

An ambitious start that failed miserably. Falls weren't found, may have helped to do more research before there was no reception! Note turn right at crossroads, and apparently stairs lead beside a pipe from lookout. Try again some day.

Lilydale Falls

05 Jan 2021

Photography Skills - None

Not much to say besides photography ability was non existent. Come back another day

Westmorland Falls

10 Apr 2021

Westmoreland Falls

Destroyed by floods previously, muddy track areas, even in very low flow. Fossils everywhere

Forth Falls

17 Apr 2021

Many Memories

Ethereal, no other words to describe this largely under-rated lower tier. Bittersweet location, will visit often in future. Note not for the very unfit ;) Did visit upper tier, not much time.

Delaneys Falls

24 Jul 2021

Close and Easy

Although not the prettiest, definitely one of the easiest falls to access in NW Tas. Incorrectly signed on at start of walk. Single drop falls - Delaneys

Preston Falls

24 Jul 2021

First Non-Track Falls

First (successful) attempt. Start at Delaney walk, after bridge crossing, follow creek upstream until falls reached. Warning: No track. Very muddy at all times (use boots), overgrown with blackberries, high grasses. (use common sense;) )

Tin Spur Falls

07 Aug 2021

Rock Scramble

See Google Reviews. Take care with 2WD. from collapsed bridge, climb down RHS - slightly visible track. Didn't make to base of falls. Small area, rock scramble to see falls (off track, no safety.) Only do if experienced.

Split Rock Falls

14 Aug 2021

Failed Attempt

Ran out of time and fitness to visit - but did see this along the way, not split rock falls, but another unnamed falls only visible in the wetter months. The echo of the area creates such a haunting, eerie atmosphere.

Shower Cave Falls

14 Aug 2021

Failed Attempt

Same failed Split Rock / Shower Cave walk. Stunning cascades along the walk that you cross, not named.

Pencil Pine Cascades

18 Aug 2021

After Snow...

So easy to access, but difficult to photograph in such high flow

Pencil Pine Falls

18 Aug 2021

Pencil Pine

Easy to access via stairs and lookout. (Raining at time of photo)

Knyvet Falls

18 Aug 2021

Cold and Wet

No super easy viewing position - but beautiful scene. Definitely worth the walk beyond Pencil Pine to view. Was freezing cold and raining at time of photo

Dip Falls

18 Sep 2021

Family Friendly

Long drive, short walk. No options to go off track and explore...

Dip Falls

18 Sep 2021

Upper Teir

Wheelchair Accessible Upper Tier of Dip Falls

Arm Falls

30 Oct 2021

Broken Circuit

Signage at start indicates circuit is closed. Waterfall is still accessible, suggested to return same way as entry. A shortened circuit possible, overgrown, path largely eroded. River crossing not necessary, high flow at time of visit.


Didn't make to falls - got stuck in mud to thighs, thankfully had someone to pull me out! Many leeches found...

Preston Falls

27 Nov 2021

2022 (8 waterfalls visited)

Preston Falls

19 Feb 2022

Trial Trip

After a dry summer, trip to see what the level of flow was like. As expected, quite low. Path extremely overgrown with blackberries, and high grasses. couldn't get very close to falls.

Montezuma Falls

25 Apr 2022

Long, but Easy

Much easier than anticipated. Road fine with 2WD, only one iffy corner with gravel near falls. approx 10-11km walk, took 3hr 15 including photos. almost entirely flat and wide path, except last patch before falls. (narrow + some stairs.)

Nelson Falls

25 Apr 2022


Short walk with plenty of infrastructure leading to the falls. lookouts and boardwalks aplenty - very tourist friendly. Low flow at time of visit.

Champagne Falls

28 May 2022

Early Winter Chill...

Raining. Uphill 4WD track walk for 90% of way, then down through bush. Longer than expected - but very wet, slippery and unfit.. 1hr to falls, 30min easy back. Stood in water for photo, lots of mist from falls and rain. 5 Star, Stunning

Pencil Pine Falls

11 Jun 2022

Rain and Ice

Visited Cradle in the hopes of getting to Dove Lake, compromised by visiting pencil pine falls and cascades for a second time, in the rain. High flow.

Pencil Pine Falls

13 Jun 2022

Another Cradle Mt. Trip

Another Failed Cradle Mt Trip, road closed due to ice again. For once, it wasn't raining, and just reaching sunset, scrambled along to the falls once again. Amazing difference within two days flow levels. Loved it.

Redwater Creek Falls

30 Jul 2022

Redwater Creek

A Little difficult to find the correct trailhead, but certainly worth the effort. Its beauty is very understated - and lets hope it stays that way.

Halls Falls

22 Sep 2022

In Memorial to the Queen...

A much awaited visit, and worth going. The track is suitable for most -steep sections, narrow paths near ledges etc. Very muddy in some areas, plenty of mosquitos. Much bigger than expected! Could spend hours exploring both up & downstream