Timeline for John DawsonMember since: 08 May 2022

Waterfalls visited: 6

2020 (2 waterfalls visited)

Hardings Falls

18 Oct 2020

Big rains ...

Was out exploring possible mountain bike rides in the area, and thought I'd make a quick visit to these falls. Step towards the end, but worth it.

Liffey Falls

24 Oct 2020

Walk up from the bottom ...

After having visited from the top car park on several occasions, this was my first walk up from the bottom car park. Lovely walk. Highly recommend.

2021 (2 waterfalls visited)

Montezuma Falls

24 Jan 2021

Lovely ride ...

After a play at the Oonah MTB Trail, the ride into Montezuma Falls made for a lovely (but long) day.

Redwater Creek Falls

12 Jun 2021

Quick diversion while riding MTB Trails

Ridden past this falls so many times, finally decided to pop in and have a look. Well worth the 10 minute diversion, but leave your MTB at the fence and just walk down.

2022 (3 waterfalls visited)

Lilydale Falls

24 Apr 2022

An overnight stop ...

Heading up to Ansons Bay for a bit of mountain biking, I stopped here for the night to camp and really enjoyed the short walk out to the two falls in the morning and watching the autumn leaves in the park. Great spot.

Billy Browns Falls

08 May 2022

A good excuse to go riding

Visited Billy Brown Falls after recent very heavy rainfall (130mm in previous three days). The falls were booming, and very slippery. Whoever is maintaining the walking track in is doing a great job, although the road is another matter.

Fairy Falls (Geeveston)

15 May 2022

Nice side trip off Tasmanian Trail ...

Lovely little waterfall to visit, albeit with low flow. I completely overshot the falls initially heading up the path into the bush (due to Listmap being a bit deceptive). Much closer to the fence than I expected. No track.