Timeline for Cameron HallMember since: 04 Jan 2022

0022 (5 waterfalls visited)

Secret Falls

10 Jan 0022

#5 Found the secret path

Only 20m off the track, but a muddy, dark, slippery decent to the Secret Falls.

Russell Falls

10 Jan 0022

#1 was Russell Falls

First one seen by the Hall family, easy walk to a nice timber viewing platform. Prepare for the big climb.

Horseshoe Falls

10 Jan 0022

#2 Horseshoe Falls

Survived the first big climb of the day to see the scenic horseshoe falls

Lady Barron Falls

10 Jan 0022

#3 Lady Baron Falls

Almost an hours walk through the majestic tall trees we came upon this beauty, the water tasted great as well.

Myrtle Forest Falls

10 Feb 0022

#4 Myrtle Gully Falls Hobart

Just Jenny and myself did the 10 min uphill walk to this little treasure.

2022 (2 waterfalls visited)

Nelson Falls

13 Jan 2022

#6 Nelson Falls

Wonderful short walk for kids, (although ours stayed in car) with excellent wide flat paths… 8 min each way

Pencil Pine Falls

16 Jan 2022

# 7 Cradle Mountain is spectacular

Short walk just inside Cradle Mountain N.P.