Timeline for Craig DoumourasMember since: 20 Feb 2018

Waterfalls visited: 170

2015 (9 waterfalls visited)

Gadds Falls

31 May 2015

Once Pristine, lost to Fire

Before the massive bushfires of 2016, Gadds Falls was encased in one of the prettiest forests I had seen.

Rinadena Falls

08 Jun 2015

National Park Enchantments

This magical waterfall was equalled by the magnificent walk to reach it.

Halls Falls

24 Jun 2015

Beauty of the North

The tranquil settings of a waterfall will always calm my soul

Step Falls

28 Jun 2015

A Step Back in Time

The ancient columns glisten under the flowing of water

McGowans Falls

18 Jul 2015

A Tribute to McGowan

A beautiful plaque is placed at the top of these falls for Douglas McGowan, from whom this waterfall was named

Elver Falls

30 Aug 2015

Wild West Wilderness

A relatively unknown waterfall situated near the town of Arthur River. I bush bashed through some thick scrub to be rewarded with this beautiful gem.

Beckett Falls

12 Sep 2015

The Tremendous Tarkine

Deep within the forested expanse known as the Tarkine in North-West Tasmania, Beckett Falls is the crown jewel.

Branigan Falls

26 Nov 2015

Alpine Goodness

Towards the end of the first day of walking the Overland Track with Cradle Mountain past you in the distance, A visit to Branigan Falls is refreshing.

Dip Falls

03 Dec 2015

A view from afar

I stood in the middle of the cold river, water up to my stomach, to capture this moment in time.

2016 (2 waterfalls visited)

Ferntree Falls

12 Jun 2016

A Falls near Mt Echo

Out the back of St. Helens is this small waterfall known as Ferntree Falls

Adamsons Falls

24 Sep 2016

Southern Beauty

A large waterfall in the extreme south of Tasmania

2018 (1 waterfall visited)

Burnies Creek Cascades

20 Jul 2018

A historic walk to the Plateau

Following the trail of yesteryear, this old track alongside the river is a must see!

2020 (11 waterfalls visited)

McCoy Falls

27 Jan 2020

A walk in the Wilderness

Day 2 of a Hike, and the beautiful McCoy Falls was in our sights.

McGowans Falls

20 Jun 2020

A magnificent waterfall after rain

Such a beautiful place

Old House Creek Falls

28 Jun 2020

4WD'ing to Beauty

Through the mud I drove so I could lay eyes on this beauty.

Dasher Falls

28 Jun 2020

A sunset to end the day

The amazing Dasher Falls and Dasher Gorge as the sun is setting.

Billy Browns Falls

12 Jul 2020

A beautiful, challenging walk

A beautiful waterfall following a tough hike. A consistently steep uphill walk before descending to the waterfall.

Arve Falls

12 Jul 2020

A short mountain stroll

A short walk from the main rd to Hartz Mountain

Forth Falls

18 Jul 2020

Forth Falls

Cuckoo Falls

10 Aug 2020

A surprise amid dense forest

A tough walk on a largely lost track to find this magical place

Parsons Falls

18 Sep 2020

Winter Wonderland

Light snow was present in the highlands of Tasmania, and Parson's Falls definitely doesn't disappoint.

D'Alton Falls

04 Nov 2020

Mersey Wonderland

Quite possibly the best waterfall in Tasmania, for it's unique and elegant shape! Simply Superb!!

Halls Falls

19 Dec 2020

Summer Sensation

Slightly downstream from Halls Falls, I wasn't expecting so much flow in summer.

2021 (3 waterfalls visited)

Cornwall Falls

12 Jun 2021

Mining Memories

In the small town of Cornwall near St. Marys is this very pretty waterfall located near mining relics of the coal mining era.

Barrow Falls

24 Jul 2021

Barrow Falls

This beautiful and elusive waterfall had been on my mind for a long time. The steep and treacherous slopes to the waterfall made this challenge difficult.

Lilydale Falls

14 Aug 2021

Lilydale Falls

With a new camera in hand, and heavy rain falling throughout the week, the upper waterfall at Lilydale Falls was going to be special.