Closures to Waterfalls due to floods

By Craig Doumouras

Published on 25 Jun 2016

With the devastating floods that impacted Tasmania in June 2016, a number of roads and hiking tracks are not safe to travel on. With some roads and bridges washed away, along with land slides over known hiking tracks, it is recommended that all travellers to Tasmania's wilderness check the Parks and Wildlife website for the lasted updates with regards to known closures and re-openings. In all cases, it is best to check with local rangers for your own safety. Office locations can be found at the Office locations and contacts page on the Parks & Wildlife website

Known closures to waterfalls - Updated: 26 June 2016

Waterfall / TrackDescriptionStatus
Liffey Falls Top and Bottom areas - road and infrastructure damage Closed until further notice
Westmoreland Falls Track and platform damage due to land slippage. Considered unsafe to visit. Reopened
Rinadena Falls
Arm River Falls
Lewis Falls
Oxley Falls
Land slippage, damage to bridges, and roads washed away. Closed
Gadds Falls Track destroyed due to bushfires. Considered unsafe. Closed
Mathinna Falls Road damage Closed
Ralphs Falls Road Damage 4WD only

At this time, it is important to check with local Parks and Wildlife centres in the region you are travelling to determine how safe these areas are. If you know of any other regions or waterfalls which are also unsafe at this time, please leave us a message below.

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